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Every year, Middle School/Junior High students from across our Region audition to be a part of our All-Region Choir. Auditioning to be a part of this ensemble is an exciting process that requires dedication, but is ultimately very rewarding.

These are the steps that you need to take in order to compete:

Step 1: Tell Mrs. Jezek that you are interested in auditioning. I need to know how many students plan on auditioning, so I can register you, help you with preparing your audition music, or help you with finding a voice teacher. In addition, I need to make the practice recordings accessible to you.

Step 2: Buy Music The music for the All-Region auditions has already been set, and students who are interested in competing will need to purchase the music so they can learn it. Pender’s Music Co. in Denton, TX is where I recommend you buy your music. You can go there and tell them that you are looking for the Region 2 Middle School All Region Music, and they will help you find it. If you need Mrs. Jezek to pick up your music at Pender's, contact her to make arrangements at

Step 3: Practice, Practice, Practice! Students from all across our Region will be competing, so it is important that you practice your music! Although I am more than willing to meet with you to work on your music, we will not work on all of the All-Region music in class. You will be responsible for learning much of it on your own, and for meeting with me or a voice teacher outside of the school day.

Step 4: Audition After all of your hard work to learn the music, you will get to audition with other students in this Region! If you make it into the choir, you will attend a Pre-Clinic Rehearsal and Clinic, and get to perform in the All-Region Choir!

Date Estimates (confirmed dates will be updated after my region meeting on 8/11)

     Mid-October - Auditions at TBA
     Mid-November - Pre-Clinic Rehearsal
     Mid-November - Clinic and Concert at TBA

Please let me know if you have any questions! 

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