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BMS Bands


Welcome to the BMS Bands Webpage!!

"There are so many wonderful reasons to join band. Having the skill to perform music instrument has been one of the most cherished accomplishments throughout history. Students who decide to learn to to play an instrument can use this skill and knowledge for the rest of their lives. There is nothing like the joy of performing music with friends.  It happens every day in school groups and continues for adults who still to play in community bands or for those who perform professionally. In all cases, performing music can be an exhilarating experience. Aside from the obvious benefits of playing a music instrument, there are a number of surprising academic benefits to students who study music. Students who take lessons on an instrument at a young age stimulate the brain in a unique way. Studies have shown that learning to play an instrument enhances a student's academic performance in math, language arts, foreign language and other academic areas. Even standardized test scores such as the SAT are higher among musicians. Whatever the reason, playing an instrument can bring joy and fulfillment like no other activity!!!" -

I am so excited for you to see our webpage! This is where you can find out more detailed information about the Beginner Band, Concert Band and Symphonic Band. Along with updates about what we will accomplish during the year, there will also be available a BMS Bands Handbook, Calendar and other materials to be successful in the BMS Bands Program!


Remind Codes:

Beginner Band – @bpmsbeg
Concert Band – @bpmscon
Symphoic Band – @bpmssym

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BMS Calendar

Contact Information

Bridgeport Middle School
702 17th St
Bridgeport, Texas 76426
Phone: 940-683-2273
Fax: 940-683-5812

Contact Information

BMS Band
702 17th St.
Bridgeport, TX  76426

Head Band Director:  Helen Capehart